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Group Coaching

Accomplish your dreams:
✔️Imagine … having complete clarity on what to look for in a social media marketing plan
✔️Imagine… being in control of your online activities
✔️Imagine… being an authority in your online space
✔️Imagine… knowing what to do daily and the exact steps to do it
✔️Imagine… being confident that your social media presence is visible to your target market.
✔️Imagine.. having confidence you will achieve results

Hire A VA Success BluePrint

Decide to Use the services of a VA or a digital agency what next. 

How To Find A VA

Asking the right question

The importance of registration for your business and how your VA or agency can help visibility

5 Day Challenge

"Kick-Start Your Social Media Presence Challenge" Get Content Idea of What To Post and When To Post, Social Media Customization and 10x your profit.

Social Media Mastery with AMAKA!
👉Master Your Social Media And Boost Profit
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More Clients
Connections without spamming Friends
new friends
Your Social media present 

Activate your revenue stream and boost their income.

Social Media Mastery with AMAKA!

✔️Attract New Clients = Process, see what you have in common, add based on searches, send them friend requests and send them DM.

✔️Kickstart Your Social Media Presence = Looking at what they’re currently doing, adjusting branding, personal profile bio, looking at their brand and sticking to one brand, do’s and don'ts of how to build a social media brand

✔️Activate your Revenue Stream = When you have a list of people who know, like, and trust you, you can find out what they need, and really give them something they want to buy.

Tools And Systems

Social Media Mastery Program Content

Yes, I’m Ready To Master Social Media And Grow My Business Fast!
Choose the individual package that’s right for you:
With this program I can create a powerful, beyond-ideal client profile in minutes "Social Media Mastery” coaching program is aimed at taking my quenching curiosity and turning it into brain-enriching knowledge. i will have the tools to build whatever kind of life i truly desire.
Develop my market presence by networking with other like-minded businesses.
✅ Build visibility through a strong social media presence.
✅Craft engaging content and drive results.
✅ Generate organic growth through leverage and strategic personal content.
✅ Attract ideal clients and grow my business.
✅ Connect with ideal clients through my social media.
✅ Create a powerful profile in minutes.
✅ Leverage across various industries with business strategies and methodologies.
✅ Communicate my value proposition.

👉Social Media Mastery 

👉 Social Media Mastery coaching program is designed to help anyone struggling with developing a social presence

Social Media Mastery with AMAKA!
👉 A - Attract even more new clients than you imagined.
👉 M - Make connections without spamming my friends.
👉 A - Acquire my ideal clients.
👉 K - Kick-start my social media presence.
👉 A - Activate my revenue stream and boost my income.


Easy Self Help Solutions That Really Work!

Amaka has been coaching clients and helping businesses stand out in this chaotic and sometimes overwhelming world of social media. Managing social media can be daunting and time-consuming. Amaka will help you determine the cost-effectiveness of choosing the who or the how, using her stylized methods of branding and optimization.

👉Join Engagingg Community 

👉Join My Community And Get The Tools And Strategies You Need To Grow Your Business Fast!

Network with like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners. Eliminate years of trial and error with 'what's working now' in digital marketing

Create dynamic emails with ease

Take email marketing beyond the inbox with advanced tools made easy. Enjoy award-winning live 24/7 support along with all the features you need to succeed.

Create dynamic emails with ease
Design smarter newsletters using your editor of choice: drag & drop, rich-text, or custom HTML. Or start fast with pre-designed templates. Create professional campaigns that deliver.

One online course platform to rule them all

Everything a successful digital business needs: online courses, memberships, emails, push-notifications, private label mobile apps & more